Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you need the username and password of my DigiD?

    No, we do not need your DigiD username or password. is a part of a certified tax firm that is registered with the Dutch tax authorities. As result we can use special software designed for professionals that allows us to submit your allowance request without using your DigiD username or password.

  2. Deadlines

    Housing allowance 2019
    You can apply for housing allowance for the year 2019 from January 1, 2019 up to September 1, 2020.

    Housing allowance 2018
    You can apply for housing allowance for the year 2018 up to September 1, 2019.

    Housing allowance 2017
    You can apply for housing allowance for the year 2017 up to September 1, 2018.

    There is one exception: if you have requested a postponement for filing your Dutch income tax return. In that case, you can apply for that year until the moment when the postponement expires.

  3. As of which date can I apply?

    As of which date can I apply for the Dutch housing allowance?

    You can apply for the Dutch housing allowance as of the date you are officially registered at the city hall and your residence meets all the required conditions. Please note that you can collect your Dutch housing allowance retroactively in case you request it before September 1 of the next year. Check now if you meet all the other conditions.

  4. When am I obliged to change my allowance?

    When am I obliged to change my allowance?

    Changes in your personal situation. For example 1. Start or end of a partnership 2. Increase in your annual income or 3. no longer having a independent residence, can have serious impact on the high or eligibility of your tax allowance. Everyone is obliged to keep that the information on which the Dutch tax authorities base the allowance is up to date and correct. Please note that in case you received too much allowance the Dutch tax authorities will reclaim it.

  5. What to expect after filing the request?

    What can you expect after filed your request with the Dutch tax authorities?

    In case you filed the request prior to the filing deadline of that year, you will receive a letter of the Dutch tax authorities informing you regarding your housing allowance within 6-8 weeks after filing. Your housing allowance will be paid out around the 20th of every month.

    Please contact in case the amount is not in line with the request filed. 

  6. Who will assist me with my housing allowance? is a team of highly motivated tax professionals with an excellent and profound knowledge of Dutch tax law. We constantly invest in the knowledge of our team via in house and external education. As a result, our team is fully up to date with all the latest Dutch rules and regulations regarding Dutch tax allowances. 

  7. Which information do I need to file a request?

    In order to file a request for housing allowance we require the following information:

    1. Your name and address and (if applicable) for your partner;
    2. Your social security number (BSN) and (if applicable) from your partner;
    3. Bank account number (IBAN);
    4. Estimation of your annual gross income and (if applicable) the income of your partner;
    5. Rent per month;
    6. Copy of your rental agreement.

     To apply please go to our application module (link)

  8. When do I have a partner or roommate?


    A partner for housing purposes is the person you are married to, or the person with whom you live together (several conditions apply). If are you not married or “geregistreerd partner”, but there are several people (“roommates”) registered at your address, you are considered to have a partner if one or more of the following conditions apply to you:

    • Cohabitation agreement: you have concluded a cohabitation agreement with your “roommate” at the notary.
    • Together a child: you and your “roommate” have a child together.
    • Child recognized: You have acknowledged the child of your “roommate”, or your “roommate” acknowledged your child.
    • Pension Partners: You and your roommate are partners in each other pension scheme.
    • Homeowners: You and your roommate are joint homeowners.
    • Minor in your household: you or one of your roommates has a minor child.
    • Partner in the previous year! In the previous year you had an allowance partner. 


    For housing allowance purposes someone is considered a roommate when he/she is part of your household and is registered at the same address with the municipality. For example a child, grandchild, parent or just a roommate.


  1. How much is the fee for your services?

    Our fee amounts to EUR 59 per request to assess, check and file your application with the Dutch tax authorities.

  2. Do you have questions regarding the status of your allowance or a payment?

    Please note it can take between 6 -8 weeks before the request is processed by the Dutch tax authorities. Unfortunately we cannot influence the process or the date of payment of the allowance.  For questions please contact the Dutch tax authorities via 0800 – 0543: Tax Information Line for residents (free calls from the Netherlands)

  3. Copy passport / ID-card

    Why do you need a copy of my passport / ID Cart?

    Based on the Dutch law we have to identify our clients and as result we require a copy of the passport of our clients on file. Please contact us via if you have additional questions. 



  4. Copy rental agreement / lease

    Why do we require a copy of your rental agreement / lease?

    For the application we require a copy of your rental agreement which indicates the following information.

    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Rent
    4. Services costs

    You can upload the information in the application form or send it directly via e-mail


  5. Minimum age of 18 years

    Age (=>18 years)
    You are entitled to housing allowance as of the month following the month in which you turned 18 years. 

    Age (<18 years)

    In principle you are only entitled to housing allowance if you 18 years old. However, if you meet the following conditions you can be eligible. 

    • Both your parents passed away.
    • You are married or have a partner  (“geregistreerde partner”).
    • You have a child


  6. What happens if I report a change with the Dutch tax authorities?

    If you report a change with the Dutch tax authorities the following happens:

    1. Within 3 to 7 weeks you will receive a letter from the Dutch tax authorities with the recalculation of your allowance.
    2. Depending on the recalculation you will receive more or less allowance, which will be paid out around the 20th every month.
    3. After the tax year you will receive the final calculation of the allowance.
  7. Terms and conditions

    Please find our terms and conditions via this link.